Monday, September 8, 2008

some kind of...

it's the best time of year.

the world around me is taking its last glorious, deep breath before autumn fully hits. the hills and fields around me are saturated with dark green. the days are hot and sunny, the nights cool and clear.

i have seen jupiter almost every night for a month.

right now, the smell of smoke from an earlier backyard bonfire is seeping in through my screen. earlier, it was in my eyes and i was crouched and nearly burning my face off while trying to toast the perfect caramel-colored marshmallow on a willow switch.

the night was clear, with clouds passing over here and there, intermittently obscuring parts of cygnus, which was directly overhead.

kris delmhorst's "open road" is playing from my computer speakers. it's a song that used to symbolize leaving in negative and positive ways for me - first when my best friend moved away, and then when i followed her. now it reminds me of my age, my experience, and how quickly six, ten, thirteen years pass.

and i'm lucky, because i can still see this, this life in moments, the way it should be, and i can enjoy it.

i love it.