Thursday, November 20, 2008

cold and hopeful

it's cold. you know - winter and all that.

usually, by now i would be slipping into the mire and muck of self pity, but i'm not. i have things to look forward to.

i pulled out my knitting needles again, and i haven't thrown them yet. i'm still working on this blanket that i started crocheting forever ago, and i really like it. i have lots of yarn ideas, which is something new for me. living in nashville when i first learned to crochet really stifled my potential, because, hello? winter lasts for approximately 2 minutes there. here, in new york? i pulled out my winter coat at the beginning of october and i won't hang it up again until april or may - and that's being optimistic. ;) so the yarn is a'flowin'.

i'm also excited about my new job, whick is so new that it gets more new every day - i keep learning new things, some days until i feel like my brain is going to explode. but that's what i like in a job. me. on my toes. mandatory.

i am also looking forward to money. having it. lots of it. because i am ready to save my little pants off. i am so close to being out of the yuck and muck of bad financial decisions. i need to make a few payments here, get $1500 of work on my car, and maybe, by the end of january? i will be doin' alright. this, we hope and pray. amen.

and let's not forget.


i love christmas more than cookies. i love baking, and cuddling, and laughing, and being warm in a crowded room while it's cold outside. i love green and red, and snowflakes and snowmen, and light-up anything, and baby jesus. love it all.

except wal-mart.


i'd rather swim across the lake in the dead of winter than get within a quarter mile of a wal-mart PARKING LOT between thanksgiving and christmas. it's just... a bad experience.

anyway. i'm cold.

but hopeful.