Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just for the record

democrat does not equal heathen.

it's ok to have differing views from the pilly and musty backside of the bible belt...

and still call oneself a christian.

i'm just saying it, because there was a time when i thought this was not true. i thought "god's candidate" (as he was so non-politically referred to by a couple of people in my old church, while i was going there) was the answer to everything, that america should be some version of a theocracy.

there was a time when i didn't understand the color gray, only black and white.

i didn't trust people to make judgments based upon their own morality. i feared that if the government didn't make all the rules, then the country would fall to pieces in flames.

i didn't trust the free will that was a gift from the god that i serve.

that is all.