Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i'm all about it.

lately, i have been digging a few things. in no particular order or category, they are:
-crocheting (scarves, using patterns for once)
-paying with cash (way visceral)
-popcorn (i bought it from the boy scouts)
-tetris friends (hi, my name is amelia, and i'm a tetrisaholic)
-my new camelbak bottle (it is the BEST BLUE)
-my 401k (i just recently started it, so that's kind of exciting)
-the laundro-mat (broken washer in the basement, y'all)
-weekends (sleeping in!)
-netflix (it kicks so much butt!)
-coffee (wegman's donut shop blend and straight up eight 'o clock are the best)
-music (the white stripes, indigo girls, R.E.M, and harry connick, jr's christmas albums)