Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i'm sitting on the edge of the bed, checking my facebook on the laptop.

eric, still asleep, busts out laughing.

me: "what are you laughing about?!"

eric: "bananas."

because i don't want to lose the moment, i get a little louder. sometimes he falls back asleep, and then it's gone forever.

me: "what about BANANAS?"

eric: "well, i was writing this TV show, and i had to make the bananas say something a certain way. and you were like (heh heh heh heh heh heh) the bananas don't HAVE to sound that way, they can sound another way. (heh heh heh heh)"

me: "um, how were the bananas supposed to sound, exactly?"

eric: "you know! banana-ey!"

just when i recovered from a laugh attack, he starts mumbling:

"it's like, if you're in biltimore, you have to wear a gun, you know. goin' around. not everyone does. but lotsa people do."

me: "what's that have to do with bananas?"

eric:"i dunno. cuz you might get capped."

amy: "why'd you say 'biltimore'?

eric: "becasue i say baltimore to myself so many times. i say it over and over again to myself. baltimore baltimore baltimore baltimore baltimore baltimore. so i say biltimore to make it a little fresher. biltimore. biltimore. biltimore. biltimore."

while i'm typing all of this stuff in, he starts AGAIN.

eric: "i just think of weird shit when i wake up. like drug kingpins all dressed all christmasy and stuff."

me: "like a reindeer sweater?"

eric: "like an afro with jingle bells and stuff. you know. duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh jingle bells, jingle bells... so everyone knows they're comin'."

no... no i DON'T know. but i'd like to.