Saturday, January 24, 2009

treasure trove

i just got done cleaning my car.

you need not ask what sheer brilliance is behind deciding to clean the car on one of the coldest days of the year. i mean... 8? with a windchill of -8? in my defense, the sun was shining, and i thought it was at least 25.

in my car, i found:

a can of black beans
$1.62 in coins (where was all that money when i didn't have change for the parking meter? HMM?)
island glow lip gloss
1.5 pairs of earrings
2 rubber bands
many, MANY magazines
9 wellbutrin
an extension cord
a can of hairspray
a pair of dirty black socks
a pair of black shoes

now, this was not ALL i found. i will spare you the details of the mysterious sticky goo and crumbs and used ketchup packets, gum wrappers, granola bar wrappers, pepto bismol dosage cups, and 876 bags with taco bell wrappers in them. and, i promise you i am not lying, i filled an ENTIRE 30-gallon trash bag. and, i confess. i should have recycled some of it. but when it's EIGHT and i can't feel my hands and i haven't cleaned my car in months, i mean it, at least 4 months and probably 6... well. at least i didn't throw out my bottles and cans. i saved them and moved them to the trunk.

i know. i'm pathetic.