Saturday, February 14, 2009


i have a bunch of stuff floating around in my gourd at the moment. please enjoy this complimentary sampler platter.

my dear friend allie has this great little counter on her blog that ticks down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the first day of spring. honestly, when she first put it up i think there were over a hundred days and now there are 33. and that has really helped my mental state, to keep going on her blog and saying, at least it's not over 100, 80, 70... and now i can say: JUST OVER 30 DAYS UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING.

and that makes me so happy.

and reminds me that, although google reader "kicks the ass", sometimes it's nice to actually go to my friends' blogs.

also, did i mention that i got to see my BFF melissa this weekend? she flew in on wednesday and she flies back to georgia tomorrow. i miss her.

she got to meet eric for the first time, and i have told her so much about him that she actually ran up to him and gave him a hug. i am happy to report that the two most important people in my life seem to actually like and respect each other and get along. and have things to talk about.

i know a lot of different kinds of people. for some reason, i can become friends with just about anyone. it's really easy for me to see things i like in people, and i often like the things i see enough to want to make these people my friends. but, sometimes? when the friends meet? it just does not work. although they are all compatible with me, they aren't always compatible with each other.

and i know it was silly, but i didn't count on melissa and eric bonding over the fact that they could talk about me to each other. my temper, my stubbornness, and some of my good qualities as well. it was a good feeling to hear them talking and to realize that they really know me. and still love me.

and let's not forget. sid vicious, the civic. he is... he is sick right now. i bit the bullet, asked my parents for help, and they agreed to provide it. however, sid was sicker than i thought, and that little anoying hack of a cough turned out to be pneumonia. so sid is in the hospital, and he won't be out until monday afternoon sometime.

which brings me to my parents. both in this post, and literally. i am staying at their house, with no car - much the way i did when i was a teenager. minus the bad hair, zits, and mood swings. it's interesting to be here and to get to spend time with my family. they are really cool. my parents are helping me in a big way right now. by the time this fiasco is complete, they will have spent over $2000 to help me. that's a lot of money. but they aren't holding it over my head or making me feel guilty or sheepish at all. they are acting like this is completely normal. like i don't owe them anything for the favor (of course, in reality, i owe them whatever they spend on these repairs).

and, being here means that i am away from my routine. that i have eaten pizza for dinner two nights in a row and that i go to bed and get up on a weird schedule. but also that i get to sit on really comfy couches and watch a really large TV. and, unfortunately, that i haven't seen eric since thursday, and that i won't see him until monday. i try not to think about that part too much. we talk on the phone a couple of times a day, but it's really hard being away for this length of time.

this post is too long.