Friday, April 10, 2009

for old time's sake.

wow. so. i was thinking today - it's been a long time since i worked at the dirty store. thank god. it's not that there is anything wrong with the store itself (except the phenomenally filthy carpet). it's just that, well. after ten months working there full time i realized it was not for me.

i had my customers, believe me. there were some that made me want to hand them a lifetime ban from the store (i'm glaring at you, faye. and NO the coffee isn't fresh. and NO i will not brew another pot, just for you. and while i'm at it, NOBODY cares about winning a dollar on an instant lottery ticket. stop screaming and jumping up and down.).

but it's hard for me to believe that THAT? was nearly 8 months ago.

this time last year, i was getting food poisoning. badly. but, the night before the food poisoning hit? before the food poisoning? neighborly death threats.

this time the year before last, i was home sick, taking pictures of myself eating blue peeps.

i'm pretty much the same person tonight that i was back then.

good times.