Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sick day

this morning, when my alarm clock went off, i got out of bed. and within a minute i had reached over and called in to work.

some days it just becomes immediately apparent that the only appropriate thing to do is to go back to bed, for as long as it takes.

i have left my bed for a total of 10 minutes combined today. i'm finally working on my first cup of coffee, and it's almost noon.

don't worry, i don't have swine flu. i just have the most punk-ass sinuses in the entire world. they hate me and they ruin my life at this time of year. i feel like crap. some days i work even though i feel like crap... but today i just couldn't do anything except go back to bed.

even now, as i'm sitting up and drinking coffee and typing this? i'm thinking about getting back into bed.