Thursday, July 30, 2009

anyone who knows me...

...should know from this e-mail snippet why eric and i are meant to be:
How's it going, my love?
I am wondering how your day is going. I hope it is going by fast and you are busy but not overwhelmed.
I hope you have just the right amount of busy-ness.
What a strange friggin word. "Busy" seems like it should be spelled "Bizzy"
But that's written language for you.
see the brain jumping the tracks thing he's got going on? this is because WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE. we are from the same home planet. he gets me, and he wonders about the same weird stuff i do at weird times, like i do.
not to mention, he signed off like this:
Love ya babe!!


why, jest lookit all them exxes n ohhhhhs.
i got me a keeper.