Tuesday, August 25, 2009

doing one thing at a time.

i just got back from a presentation on managing stress. reducing stress. whatever. leave it to me to try to figure out how i can manage stress, and fit it in with everything else.
two things struck me.
the presenter had us to an exercise called emotions, thoughts, actions.
she asked us to try to feel angry for 20 seconds. it's very dificult to be genuinely angry on command.
point: emotions are hard to control.
then she asked us to think about the color green for 20 seconds. much easier.
point: thoughts are much easier to control than emotions.
then she asked us to raise our right hand. every right hand in the room shot up instantly.
point: actions are easy. this is why, say... not going to the gym when you don't feel like it is a dumb idea. just do it.
a way to manage stress is to do one thing at a time.
how is that even possible? i don't think i have done one thing at a time since i was a tiny kid. for as long as i can remember, i am always trying to do more than one thing. unless i'm reading. and even then, i am constantly distracted by all of the things i could be doing, like plucking my eyebrows. or tweaking my budget. reading blogs. organizing my health and beauty products.
i have a serious concentration problem. i am one of those people who, when browsing the internet, have like, 10 tabs going at once. if we're talking face-to-face? there is a good chance that i'm also designing my dream kitchen or trying to remember the name of an actor or the lyrics to a song.
the only time i have done something recently and really had it require my full attention? was when i was trying to learn to sew. that measuring, those straight lines, that slippery fabric... it took all of my concentration.
help. i long to do this "one thing at a time" i keep hearing about.