Friday, August 7, 2009

a good reminder

last night, i was chatting with a friend on google chat. she mentioned donuts, i swooned, and she apologized for mentioning them/being evil - since i was doing such an awesome job at weight loss.

i blinked.

weight loss. it sounds so familiar. it's when... wait. i was DOING that this year! i was eating fruit and vegetables and even counting those calorie things. and i lost a good chunk of weight.

but i haven't counted a calorie in months. or stepped on a scale in ... 2 months, maybe? i've been BUSY. i have been eating like crap. and i figured that all was lost. i was afraid to get on the scale.

but she said that i looked great.

so this morning, i decided to get on the scale. i expected to see my all time high. or maybe, five pounds less. what i saw?

i have gained 5 pounds. wow! i'm still in the game. all is not lost. i don't need to give up.

now i just need to let my mouth know.