Sunday, August 30, 2009

it's so easy for him.

today, i had a Very Delightful Day.

after eric and i took his brother back to college for year numero dos, we stopped in the lovely village of owego for a bite to eat. the bite turned into a stroll, and a sit, and a stroll. and coffee. and ice cream.

where was i? oh yeah. while we were walking around looking at many of the beautiful historic buildings, i suddenly worked myself up into a frenzy.

me: "i want to travel back in TIME!"
eric: "well, you would, until you got there. then you would want to travel back."
me: "that's not what i MEAN. i need to know what it was like here, when these buildings were new. what did they look like? what happened inside them? I am consumed by my need to know:


eric: "you'll be ok. it's just because you're a writer."