Sunday, October 25, 2009

a big go.

today was a big go. it was an awesome day. it was sunny and i spent a good portion of the day (which, for me, is like 2 hours) sitting in the sun. it was glorious.

i ate a meatball sub.

a sat in the car and watched eric pick out the most enormous pumpkin ever, in the history of the world, and then gleefully waddle with it back to the car while i gave him the thumbs-up.

i am a big fan of over the top, when it's possible.

except when it comes to pushing the limits of my mono. today was a big go kind of day but i had to force myself to sit when i wanted to walk around. i had to be at rest even though my mind was running around like a maniac in the fall sunshine. i think i did a pretty good job.

now, we'll see how it goes when 6:30 am comes around tomorrow.

please, please, please let me make it.