Thursday, October 22, 2009

deep sigh.

or, deep breath, as the case may be.

today, when i went back to the doctor, she had me take deep breaths. i was so exhausted that i had to take a break.

from breathing.

yeah. it's like that.

so, there are a few theories here.

theory #1: mono. gave blood to test and hopefully disprove.

theory #2: thyroiditis. gave blood to test and hopefully disprove.

theory#3: i am coughing the life out of myself in my sleep, but not realizing it, and therefore i wake up feeling the opposite of rested, and also like someone spent the night beating me about the chest and neck. this leaves me unable to complete simple tasks like... oh, taking a shower, without feeling like i need a nap afterward.

i am currently taking robitussin with codeine until either the bottle is gone or i stop coughing, whichever comes first.

i honestly feel like it's probably the third thing on my little list, there. i really don't feel like it's anything more sinister than exhaustion. plus, i just HURT. and it is kind of odd that i would spend all day hacking and not hack all night, isn't it?

tomorrow, i am going to try to go to work again. tonight, i will swill my dose of miracle juice and see how it works out.