Saturday, October 24, 2009

so i guess my body didn't approve.

i guess that stressed out feeling i have had all summer and fall should have actually made me change my habits, huh?

instead, i will be working 8-5 next M-TH, as I am part of a CI event at work.

when will I learn?

we'll see if i can even make it. i talked to the guy in charge and he was hesitant to let me out of the event/reschedule me for another one. so. i'm gonna try.

here is my mono timeline.

wednesday, 10/14 - scratchy throat, went to work, exhausted all day.
thursday, 10/15 - called in sick. slept 9 hours during the day. throat was on fire.
friday, 10/16 - called in sick. slept 6 hours during the day. started getting congested and cough-y at night.
saturday, 10/17 - went to the dr, diagnosed w/respiratory infection, given antibiotics. just leaving the house for that long took major effort and i pretty much stayed in bed for the rest of the day.
sunday, 10/18 - i don't remember specifics. i'm pretty sure i was in bed and blowing my nose and coughing all freaking day.
monday, 10/19 - went to work. just tired and coughy and congested. left after 5.5 hours.
tuesday, 10/20 - felt AWESOME. woke up feeling energized, worked a 9-hour day, energy lasted through the night.
wednesday, 10/21 - crashed. made it through 2.5 hours of work before i had to come home. i think it took me 10 minutes just to walk to my car, as i had to keep stopping to catch my breath. took last dose of antibiotic.
thursday, 10/22 - called in to work. went to the dr. got tested for mono. got Rx for robitussin w/codeine. started taking the robitussin at 1 pm, and it has been the only thing that could even touch my cough. not even the tessalon perles work like this.
friday, 10/23 - went to work. happy but tired. most respiratory symptoms felt better. still had a cough, still pretty tired. received mono diagnosis. cried. came home after work and didn't get out of bed.