Thursday, November 5, 2009

making it.

so, i'm working full days and making it through. woo.

i am sleeping a lot.

i'm not in a very good place, mentally. too much inactivity. and i am reminded, again, that my friend network here is entirely too small. and that it's probably because i'm a lousy friend.

sigh. i thought the thirties were supposed to be awesome, but it's turning out to be more accurate that the year of 30 was awesome and the rest so far have just... not been good. it feels like i am ticking items from a multiplying to-do list. chip away at one problem, and 87 more surface.

i think this is why people shut down and tune out the world and relationships. it's just work, all the time.

don't mind me, i haven't had my evening nap yet.