Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i've found my calling.

it's reader. professional reader.

i used to be one, once upon a time. i was blessedly able to read, absorb, proof, and edit for about three years. the problem with doing it for a living is that by the time i was done, i did not want to read another word. that meant that my hobby of reading became nonexistent.

when i was little? i used to read shampoo bottles in the shower. that's how much i loved to read. any printed surface i could squint at was going to get read. my parents had to force me to go to sleep at night, because i just had one more paragraph! meaning chapter! pleeeease!

i am currently reading a few books. i have torn through three books in four days. i started five at the library tonight. i am reading everything i can get my hands on. i read in the morning when i get up, at night before bed, and on my lunch break.

right now i am in what i like to call "cover-shopping mode" - i only pick out books with intriguing covers. if i don't like the cover, i shelve it.

i'm also stuck in the new fiction section. i have ignored fiction for years. YEARS. i have read the odd book here or there, but i am diving in now, head first, among pages and letters and call numbers and bar codes.

i think, in this short amount of year that can be called "this year," i've read more than the last three years, combined. i have a lot of catching up to do.

see you in the spring.