Friday, February 6, 2009

more tales from the edge

...of sleep.

eric and i have been watching the american version of the office from season one. we are currently on season four. the moment that andy bernard uttered, "cornell... ya ever heard of it?" eric became OBSESSED with his character. so much so that last night, he repeated "DunderMifflinfinity" so many times that I thought I was going to choke him to death. and then, also, last night? around 2 or 3? eric comes charging into the room, where i was PEACEFULLY SLEEPING... and yelled: "TUNA!!!"


um... no.

so, this morning, i hear eric chuckling in his sleep again. i said, "what? are you dreaming about andy bernard?"

eric: "cashew."

me: "what about it?"

eric: "dwight."

me: "what about it?"

eric: "peanut."

me: "what about it?"

eric: "dwight is the MAN. he's a mastermind."


dwight, i like. i wish eric could flip it around and quote DWIGHT lines during the day ("in your FACE, machines!!!") and dream about andy bernard at night.

oh well.