Sunday, February 8, 2009

when he asks, i will say yes.

this morning, eric and i made omelets for breakfast. ok, so it was actually this afternoon. and i didn't actually make the omelets, because i can't. yes, that's right, little miss cook-y pants can't make an omelet to save her life.

damn. there goes the third person thing again. yikes.

so, i fried up the mushrooms and onions, and then i oh-so-deftly handed off the real omelet-making challenge to eric - and he took it like a man, and he made The Best Damn Omelet I Have Ever Eaten.

tonight, for dinner? i decided to cook for him. before we met, he basically ate like a ten-year-old: grilled cheese, pb&j, pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries... you get the picture. tonight, we reverted back to that ten-year-old place. i made grilled pb&j, which is a little trick i learned from a buddy of mine. i also baked break-and bake cookies. you know, those scary things that are basically like a grid of cookie-dough blocks and just DARE you not to eat them all, right now, without even baking them? yeah, those.

anyway, when i was serving him his second sandwich, half of it fell on the floor. he had his feet up in the recliner, and he immediately jumped up, saying, "WAIT! Wait! I'll eat it, I'll still eat it! Ten-second rule!!" seriously. he liked it so much that HE ATE IT OFF THE FLOOR.

also, after we gorge ourselves on back episodes of The Office (I've decided that the only way to get him to stop quoting Andy Bernard is to force him to watch six episodes in a row)... he's going to do my laundry.

yep. see the title of this post.