Friday, March 27, 2009

eighty sticks of butter

let me do the math for you:
i have lost 20 pounds so far this year. i can't believe how hard i have worked and how much i have changed my habits in the past 3 months.
i got creative and found ways to eat healthy - even though i have extremely limited kitchen access at home (it's a long story). i cut out the almighty fiber one bar. i stopped using powdered creamer. i eat snacks like nuts and cheese and whole grain crackers and fruits and vegetables. 
i go to taco bell maybe once a month now. i don't go to other fast food places, ever.
i started working out, no excuses, three times a week. on the other days, i find myself looking for ways to move more. i have started taking miles-long walks with eric.
and above all, i kept at it. even when i had a terrible day and slid face first into pretzels, dip, cake, brownies, pringles... whatever... i kept drinking water. i tried to keep my vegetables and fruits in the picture, too. i didn't skip my workouts. i went right back to it the next day and left my "bad" day in the dust.
i finally have a little patience with myself, as well as belief that i can accomplish this massive goal. twenty pounds seems like a drop in the bucket in the scope of what i ultimately hope to lose - but for me, it's a big drop. i appreciate it. i worked hard for it.