Sunday, March 15, 2009

ok, so today wasn't my most original day.

since the weather was so nice, i decided to do what seemingly every other resident of tompkins county was doing today, and visit taughannock falls.

after all, ithaca IS gorges.

also, it was free day at museum of the earth. this is one of those places that my friends and i seem to always want to visit, but just don't get around to it. well, today, it was free! and pretty neat.

i think, though, next time that someone asks me why i won't swim in the lake, i'm going to show them these pictures of fossils that were found in this county:

because, after all these years of seemingly irrational fear of bodies of water that aren't swimming pools or don't have a clear view of the bottom? i finally know what i am afraid of.

a giant, armor-plated fish the size of a school bus.