Saturday, April 18, 2009

such a great day.

today has been the ultimate in weekendiness.

i got up around 8:30 and went to the gym.

came home, loaded up some bags for the salvation army, went to dunkin donuts, went to the salvation army.

i got the awesomest chair for my craft/sewing table that i am trying to set up. it was FOUR DOLLARS and it's a metal frame, super sturdy. the cushion and back are yellow - it's all very retro, but perfectly shaped. i adore it, and i can't wait to get my craft table going!

on a somewhat related note, i paid a visit to homespun for a few super-cute fat quarters, with which i will be making a fat quarter handbag (or three).

then i moseyed over to tuff soul, because, hi, read the website. i'm all about it. i also knew that they sold some of sew green's rescued fabrics, so i wanted to take a gander.

wow, look at me, moseying and taking ganders. what am i, 70?

anyway. to say i SCORED at tuff soul is the understatement of the year. behold, the loveliness that is mine, all for $22:

do you know how many crafty-cool things i want to make, just from LOOKING at these fabrics? and the vintage buttons? hell-o.

anyway. when i got home, i re-potted my old trusty plant that i somehow inherited from an old roommate, that i once left in buffalo for a year, that i gave my mom for mother's day in 2003 (she ASKED for it), that my mom gave me back in 2007. this plant is my jam. i love it. it grows when i grow, it looks slouchy when i feel bad... it sounds weird, but this plant GETS me. i was afraid to re-pot it, because i have had it for ten years and i don't want it to die. but sometimes, you just have to take that chance.

and now i am in my room with the windows and curtains flung open, and the breeze is lilting through my room, and the creek is rushing outside my window...

great day today. i'm tellin' ya. off the charts.