Saturday, August 15, 2009

hotness. coolness. goodnightness.

in this heat, i just can't sleep. i sit up until way too late. and when i do get in bed, i flop around. wonder who replaced my awesome pillow with a sack of rocks. why my mattress suddenly feels terrible.

when i am at work, i am cool. cold, even. the air conditioning in my office is intense. some of my coworkers wear long sleeve shirts.

and, speaking of co-workers, can i just take a little rabbit trail off-topic for a sec? to tell you that when i walked into the break room today? they were talking about a "natural home remedy" for hemorrhoids. and the remedy would be? shredded potato. i mean... how does that even come up in conversation? while you're EATING? unless you're eating potatoes, i guess. but still.

anyway. i am cool at work.

tonight, i was cool outside. eric and i drove out of the city and rolled the windows down. we drove until we found open sky, and then we parked on a dirt road, between two cornfields. he showed me jupiter (you can't miss it right now, it's the giant headlight in the night sky), Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Hercules, Cygnus, Ophiuchus... it was great. it reminded me of when we first got together. i was surprised that i remembered what some of the constellations look like.

now i am home, and i'm on a star high. and a cool high. i am always so amazed when i can get cool at night after a hot day. nashville didn't come with that feature - and new york does.