Friday, August 21, 2009

i'm melting.

let me tell you something about me.

i love to complain about the weather. but usually only if it's way too hot for me or way too cold for me. this means that august is not a good month for not complaining. november through march aren't good either, but we'll cross that freezing cold bridge when we come to it.

i'm hot, y'all. the only time i'm not hot is when i'm at work. then i'm shivering half of the day from the A/C.

i think the worst part is that it's not comfortable to sit around and do nothing. this is, by far, my favorite hobby.

it's also not comfortable to sleep. which, hi... someone has been yawning her little head off all day, every day since this lovely little heat wave started.

so. i just wanted to complain to the internet. and i know that some of you live in places that are hotter than here. but... it really is relative.