Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tooth health.

today, because i tend toward the odd, i am thinking about my tooth care regimen.

i brush, usually with whatever is on sale. right now it's arm & hammer something or other. that wasn't on sale. i just wanted something baking soda-ey.

i rinse with listerine. i picked up this habit long ago, and i just can't get off the listerine. and i don't think i want to. it's not the yellow stuff. the cool burst or whatever it is.

i floss throughout the day, with those little floss pick things. i don't floss when i brush, for some reason.

and i tried white strips once, and they made my teeth hurt so badly that i thought they were going to fall out of my head. i still want to whiten, some how, some way... but i fear the pain.

now, aren't you glad that you know way too much about my dental hygiene?

you can play, too. tell me yours in the comments. don't leave me all alone out here with my toothbrush in my hand.