Wednesday, September 2, 2009

eric's plan

eric's plan is to take actuarial exam p this fall.

he just took his 4th timed practice exam, and he answered 24/30 questions correct.

this is an extremely hard exam, and i'm so proud of him.

believe it or not? he plans to take 20 more practice exams before his november exam.

he is going to pass. i mean... 20 more exams? he will be able to do them in his sleep. and get this. when he takes an exam? he RETAKES it a couple of days later to make sure that he has mastered the problems that he got wrong the first time. i mean... i have nothing to say to that. did i mention that a 30-question exam takes THREE HOURS? yeah.

i can hardly believe it's eric, my eric, doing all of this exam preparation. he has researched books, pored over message boards, and spent enough money on books to buy me a kitchenaid mixer.

he started by checking a calculus textbook out from the library. then he bought a couple of introduction to probability books. then, suddenly? it was all probability, all the time. the probability channel.

and he loves it. he loves the math. the challenge. the progress.

and i love it. i am so proud, and amazed, and also kind of jealous. he is "applying himself" - that concept that has escaped me for my entire life. and look! look what he is doing when he is applying himself! don't tell my parents.

i'm inspired. i'm humbled. i'm in awe. this is one of the fun parts of sharing your life with someone. you think you know a person, and then they bust in the door one night singing show tunes or something. i like not knowing what to expect.

with eric, it's such a treat getting to know him more and more. not that he busted in the door singing show tunes or anything. but if he does?! wow. talk about the complete package.