Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's going to be a weird one

yesterday i woke up with a sore throat.
today i have a SORE THROAT.

i bought nyquil/dayquil last night. the nyquil did nothing. nothing except make me act like a junkie and eventually force me to sleep.

and i kept having weird dreams. in one, i traveled back in time, but only a few years. and i was taking a tour of this old guy's house with tiling from the 20s. instead of a stove, half of his kitchen was taken up by a giant charcoal grill/smoker combo. he was making chicken, potatoes, and something else. it was weird, though, the charcoal and the wood were above the grates.

i also went swimming in the cayuga lake inlet, but the bottom was a pool. and it was super cold and the bottom was slimy (imagine that).

also, throughout the dreams, people kept asking me if eric and i had set a date yet. apparently, my mom's friend's son was going to be getting married and using my mom's backyard for some portion of it, and since it was decorated in a weddingly manner, people assumed it was for me. there were these GIANT carnation-type flowers that stuck directly into the ground. like, they were three feet tall. and the head of the flower was at least 18 inches across.

all of this is happening on the street where i am touring the old guy's old house a few years ago, mind you. and his house is so dirty on the outside that it was literally gray, but the inside was beautiful. so at one point i came downstairs and it was kind of like the narthex of a church, and all of these people were dressed up but i didn't really know them. and then i realized it was some kind of high school reunion for band people. this one guy i haven't talked to since high school was there, and he handed me this little baby girl. she was really sweet and she reeked of poo! i kept trying to say in a gentle way that she might have made a mess or whatever, and finally the mom yanked her away and started to change her diaper.... but there was nothing there. i felt really bad, because then they were mad at me over that.

but then i wandered down this old hallway and my old friend becky was there, and she was wearing EXACTLY what she wore in high school, cutoffs and those leather maryjanes and a black shirt, and she was sitting under a counter throwing tootsie rolls into a bin of some kind. and in the dream this was something we had done together all the time, so i sat down and joined her and it kind of turned into a montage of our high school memories. so, that part was nice, because i really miss becky.

there were a few other weird dream offshoots, like the one where i was housesitting and i kept chainsmoking in the house, and eric came to visit and fell asleep on a chair, and the woman ame home early and wasn't mad but kind of was (about the smoking)...but i had tried to air it out, except all of her windows were about 5" squares and only half of them opened.

and now i am completely exhausted, where when i sat here to write this i was only really exhausted. i'm glad i called in to work.

now i just need to decide if i should take nyquil or dayquil.