Monday, October 19, 2009


today i am going to attempt to go back to work. as far as how i'm feeling? maybe... 85% of normal.

this should be interesting, as i have spent the past 4 days barely able to get out of bed. and when i did? even when i was just sitting up? it tired me out, and i had to get back in bed. thursday i slept 9 hours during the day. friday i slept 6. saturday, 4.

yesterday i didn't sleep during the day but i did attempt to leave the house twice. the first time was a disaster and the second just OK. i went grocery shopping.

we'll see if i can handle being at work for 8 hours.

i have a whole post i intend to write, probably tonight, about my experience these last few days and what i have learned.

see you when i get home from work, whenever that may be.