Monday, October 19, 2009

the sickness, part one.

so. i'm wondering if there is any way that i can possibly begin to tie all of the thoughts in my head together, and maybe, just for once, make a blog post that isn't all over the place.

i'm not very hopeful.

first, lemme tellya. i have been sick. i don't get sick like this. usually i miss a day or a half-day of work, drop some nyquil, take a nap, drink a bunch of water, and it's all good.

what started as a sore throat on wednesday evolved to a Very Sore Throat along with "holy crap i can't really get out of bed." and friends, i was in bed for pretty much four days straight. on friday night i started to hear things rattle around in my lungs and i thought, well, shoot. i really don't want to get the bronchitis and the almost pneumonia that i seem to get every year. i don't want to have to take prednisone. it ruins my life, makes me a wreck, and did i mention the mood swings? yeah. so i went to the doctor and then to the drugstore to get my prescribed antibiotics. turns out i have an aggressive respiratory infection. like i get any other kind.

i took my antibiotics for two days and i felt better. not a lot better, but not glued to my bed, so i thought, this morning, that maybe going to work would be a good idea.


a good idea. i was exhausted by the time i got to my desk. i felt feverish after i had been there for three hours. i did stay for a total of five hours, but by then i had reached my limit. i had a headache and runny eyes. i was hacking up a lung. i felt like my brain was basically just floating in ... snot. i was easily confused. fuzzy. so i came home and did what any sane person would have done, and crawled straight into bed.

when i woke up, eric's mom offered to make me a sandwich. bless this woman. she has done so much for me over the past few days. if it hadn't been for her i wouldn't have eaten much. she made me sandwiches and brought me juice and italian ices and teddy grahams. she brought me people and the national enquirer. she offered me blankets and basically anything that wasn't nailed down, if it would make me feel better. and eric, too. when he hasn't been working, he has been getting me a ginger ale, making me breakfast, doing my laundry, filling my water bottle... i mean, if you know me, you know that i am not the person who takes that much help. but i had no choice. it was let them make food for me or eat granola bars for four days. and i didn't have any granola bars.

seriously? just typing this far has completely worn me out, so... i will continue with my lessons learned, hopefully tomorrow.