Friday, November 20, 2009

blog... hmm, what's that?

so, maybe you didn't know it, but i have a blog. i seem to have forgotten about it, myself.

i have been resting and recuperating over here, which means i spend most of my time napping, playing games on facebook, or napping.

this is awesome. i feel so good, so much like i have actually been... oh, resting.

do you know, if you try to force yourself to get better, it doesn't flipping work?

i am living a control freak's worst nightmare right now. i have had to... let go.

let go of worrying what my coworkers think of me. let go of the pressure i always put on myself to be productive. let go. let go, let go, let go.

it is awesome. it's like my neuroses are melting away.

i feel calm. happy. relaxed. i don't think i've achieved these feelings for any length of time for about two years.

i'm back.