Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Best: Relationship habits

I had a great phone conversation today, and it sparked some ideas in my brain for some writing projects. In addition to that, I realized that I have kind of developed some best practices for relationships. They might seem to be common sense. Believe me, they are not.

Be yourself.
Be honest.
Talk about expectations.
Let expectations go, when necessary.
Be willing to admit you're unreasonable at times.
Know your boundaries and your limits, and enforce them.
Say no when you have to.
Forgive, but don't be afraid to stick up for yourself as you do it.
Forget when you can. Keeping score can get so, so ugly.
Don't be afraid to cut out toxic and/or passive-aggressive people.

At the end of the day, be true to yourself. Nothing will work right if you aren't. It might seem to work for awhile if you play "ideal friend." But believe me, believe me, believe me: the truth will come out. You might as well save yourself the time and be you, no apologies, from the first encounter. This weeds out the people you're incompatible with at a much earlier stage. It saves heartache.