Friday, January 15, 2010

best fiance (rhymes with beyonce) in the whole world.

yeah. so, before we got engaged, eric told me he would only propose if i referred to him as my fianCE. with a flourish. not if i pronounced it like beyonce. isn't that odd?

anyway. i just got like, a ten minute shoulder and neck rum. rub. i can hardly keep my eyes open, and then i remembered that i forgot to post.

we just finished watching rachel getting married, which was good and weird. it made me want a wedding with bellydancers. and aprons.

now i am off to sleep in the only position that doesn't trigger some weird muscle spasms in my neck - flat on my black with a contour pillow. back. flat on my back.

i would like to win the lottery. eric said that he and some coworkers went in on a ticket. even one million dollars would be enough to revolutionize our life.

sleep tight, faithful bloggerators. i swear that i am not high right now. i just feel sooo relaxed.

oh, by the way. my best friends sister had a baby boy today. congratulations to the whole family. :)