Saturday, March 21, 2009

bizarre dreams.

last night i dreamed that my workplace looked more like a high school. and that my hr lady called me into the stairwell and looked me sternly and said, "stop trying to get that job. don't apply for that job or any others." and then she accused me of falsely representing myself because i made a music video using brand-name products. it was wacky.

and then, i dreamed that i had a dog named buddy! a black dog who looked like a pug and a boston terrier at the same time. i bought him, and then returned him for a reason i can't remember. then i felt so guilty and i missed him so much that i went back to get him. i could walk to a general area and say, "where's buddy?" and he would run up to me and flop on his back and show me his belly. it was such a great dream.

i really want a dog. someday.