Saturday, December 19, 2009

11 days ago... dear friend renee tagged me. by the way, she posts so often that i had to go to the second page of her blog to find the post where she originally tagged me so i could see what i was supposed to do. going to the second page of my blog, on the other hand, will put you back to just this side of october.

alright. part of what i'm supposed to do (the only part i'm actually going to do) is mention seven things that one might not know about me. i'm pretty much an open book and i have no boundaries, so i'm not sure how i'm gonna come up with something interesting, but i'll try.

1. i have not felt like i had a home since the summer of 2001, when i lived in the horse barn apartment on speer drive in south corning. it was an efficiency apartment with a deck. it formed one wall of the pen where the horses ruby and butchie spend a lot of time. there were always nose prints smeared across my living room window. i had to walk through the horse barn to get to my apartment. if i stayed out past dark, i was too afraid to go home by myself. i spent the night with my friend stewart a lot during that time. i also are a lot of taquitos with ranch dressing. i was on unemployment, and money was tight, and the taquitos were given to me from my mom's freezer.

2. i discovered, when i lived in the apartment mentioned above, that the absolute key to making the best milkshake in the history of mankind is to include french vanilla creamer. i think, at the time, that i also included malt balls and caramel syrup... but then again, i was doing a lot of drugs back then.

3. i have a dream of becoming multi-lingual. i have checked out books written in french from the library, as well as learning courses for german and finnish and italian. so far, i have not attained any level of mastery. or even intermediacy. but i don't plan on giving this up.

4. i love elvis. not even his music, but the idea of him. i am mystified by his persona and his leather get-up in the '68 comeback special. i am so sad that he died the year i was born.

5. sometimes, in my head, i practice interviewing myself as if i'm on a talk show. i practice the timing of my responses, the correct words, the types of laughs and smiles... i know it might sound weird, but it's kind of a hobby. i have always wanted to be interviewed, and when i was little i used my tape recorder to "interview" michael jackson. and i was michael jackson, too.

6. i have no idea what i am going to do with the rest of my life. i hate working in an office. i hate cubicles, particle board desks with wood veneer, paperclips, automatic staplers, the smell of an overworked copy machine, and grey filing cabintes. i hate phones, file sorters, and inboxes. i hate dingy grey carpet and gloomy beige walls. and i loathe fluorescent lighting.

7. i have credit card debt balance that is higher than the original loan on my car. was. was higher. i started aggressively paying it down last march, and it's shrinking slowly.

there you have it. seven things you may or may not know about me. that was kind of fun.