Sunday, December 13, 2009

the grocery trip.

i have been eating chili and beef stew out of cans for the past couple of weeks - ever since going back to work post-mono.

interestingly enough, i have also been eating a crapload of taco bell and other assorted junk food. i have just been too exhausted, too rushed, too everything to bother to take care of myself.

tonight i went grocery shopping, and i took a really long time. i felt up the produce before i put it in my cart. i bought lots of fruit and many vegetables. i was shopping with eric, and i apologized for taking so long in the produce section.

he looked at me and asked, "well, aren't you worth it?"

and he's right. i'm worth 45 minutes in the grocery store, carefully fantasizing about the food i would like to consume in the coming week. i'm worth it. i deserve proper nourishment, not sodium bombs in a can that give me burps that taste the way dog food smells. i deserve to weigh out raw almonds for snacks, not just grab a box of granola bars that make me lapse into a sugar coma. i deserve more than i am often willing to dole out to myself.

i love that man. he reminds me so often about what love is and what love does and how love acts. this, tonight? this was just one tiny speck of his awesomeness.