Sunday, December 6, 2009

these are the good old days.

in a matter of years, we will look back. we will say things like, "remember when sunday afternoons were for naps and movies and walks with nephews?"

remember when we took little andy out to walk the dog on a december day and saw a three-legged cat? how andy liked to hold the leash, but you had to hold it too? remember how he called the dog "sanannah" or "nannah dog" instead of savannah?

remember how the air was frigid and we kept switching sides so that one of his tiny hands was on the leash and the other was being warmed in my hand?

remember how he yelled, "snow!" ...this little 3-year old from texas?

remember how we came back and he ate half of your grilled cheese sandwich, sitting at your feet and saying "please" for each new bite?

remember, remember, remember, uncle ewwic?

there aren't enough pictures or words in the world.