Sunday, December 6, 2009


what i miss.

i miss going to movies. i used to go to movies a LOT. i miss the belcourt and kurosawa films.

i miss parties. i used to go to many parties. parties with pool tables. parties with white lights. parties that were catered. parties that involved karaoke. parties that involved peach cobbler and guitars.

i miss cheap, live, GOOD music. i miss having so many shows to chose from on any given night that i sometimes considered going to three. in one night.

i miss knowing a lot of people. i miss impromptu sunday afternoon coffee dates with betsega or allie or wendy.

what i love:

i love my hills. these hills are so high and close compared to the hills in nashville. they feel protective. hard. strong.

i love fall here. the way the leaves change to real colors, not just yellow and brown.

i love being close to my family.

i love that i met the man of my dreams here. i love having him in my life.

i just wish i didn't have to sacrifice all of the things i miss for the things i love. i want it all. i want to have my cake and eat it, too. i want a real fall, lots of friends, lots of movies and music, my family, and my love.

maybe next year.